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Hi, I’m Kharim Hogan.  I have always loved people and stories.  Fortunately, no matter where or when, there is always a story unfolding…and given where I like to venture, most of the time the stories involve people.  Maybe it’s because I so love to laugh that I often end up watching funny things happening.  Well at least things that appeal to my sense of humour.  Others may not find them so funny.  I’ve always been told that I do seem to have a bit of a peculiar sense of humour.  I don’t know what that means so I won’t attempt an explanation.

I’m a photographer and it is my vocation.  It’s another form, for me, of telling stories.  So whether I write or photograph or tell the story live, there’s always a story involved and life just serves them up time and time again.

I started Hogan Visions as a personal project.  I wanted to just tell stories so here it is…  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll share your stories and thoughts along the way.  The idea is to have some fun, because I do love fun!


If you’d like to see some of my photography, click on the logo to right to go to my photography website.