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How do you see it?

KH5531I shot this photo last year, in New York (click on it to get a larger view).  It hangs in my living room and the more I look at it, the more I really like it.  But I still can’t put my finger on exactly what draws me to this shot.  I seem to see it differently every time.  This morning again it stopped me in my tracks and suddenly I had a thought…”I should’ve posted this shot along with my article last week about turning 50!”.

Last week I wrote about being “Halfway there on the road to where” and this morning I felt that this photo represents that exact sentiment.  Which way is that train headed and does she know where she’s going?  Is she actually stopped, thinking, changing directions, moving forward?  What’s going on here?

Every day this photo has me thinking, so I thought I’d ask you all, how do you see this photo?  What’s the story here?  What’s the feeling for you?

Thanks for your thoughts.  I love the opportunity to see things in new ways.  Last week I decided that I wasn’t going to always try to get on the train, that it wasn’t necessary, because by always focusing on a destination I was forgetting to enjoy where I am and be amazed at where I’ve been.  Nevermind that I also realized that I forgot where I was going in the first place!!  Maybe that was the trigger to get me to reassess.  They say your memory starts to go at 50 but I’m excited because I remembered that I forgot.  So my memory is fine.  Yeah, so a week later I still really like the idea and I’m working on it but I’ll admit, letting go of needing to have a specific destination takes some getting used to.  This photo, right now for me is reminding me that it’s okay to let the train fly by.  There will be another and another and another, if I choose to ride instead of walk or just mindlessly wander for a while.  But guess what I’ve discovered so far by stopping to just be where I am with no specific destination in mind?  I looked down and saw a whole bunch of marbles and then it made me wonder how many more I’ve actually lost along the way.  It’s going to be fun now because I decided not to pick them up…



  1. Thank you for the reminder that it’s not about the destination but about the journey! To be in the present moment and just be… Simple but not easy! Every moment is about a destination. Right now I wasn’t where I was 5 minutes ago and 5 minutes from now, I will not be where I was 5 minutes ago and so on. We spend our lives chasing, chasing that finale destination. And like you said, do we really know what that is?

    As for the image, it’s clear to me which direction the train is coming from. It’s coming towards her. Maybe it’s her life passing her by at lightning speed or maybe it’s just a means to her next destination… :)

    I also find the quote powerful and thought provoking!


    • There really is something compelling about that present moment, in those fleeting moments when one manages to hang on to it. Now that I’m reading your thoughts, it makes me think…I guess what they’re all trying to say is that perhaps the actual destination is to be here, now. Hmmm…

      Thank you for your thoughts Sonya. More to think about and once again, you saw the image differently than I did. A new perspective. I love that!


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