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Where do all the lost soles come from?

Driving up Décarie the other day, right there on the side of the center lane of the highway was yet another lost sole.  This one was a relatively new looking suede platform shoe with a good five inch spike heel, just lying there all by itself on the road.  I looked around to find it’s companion but once again, there was no other shoe to go with it, no leg attached to it nor anywhere in the vicinity.  Years I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how the hell one manages to lose just one shoe!!  Sometimes I walk by a lone sock in my travels and that had me confused too but then one day I decided that it was possible to lose just one sock.  If you’re on your way to the laundromat and your bag isn’t quite closed properly, well you can lose a sock or a bra or something.  But a shoe???  How can you lose a shoe and not notice?

Another lost sole...

Often I’ve had the joy of walking behind someone who loses a shoe right in front of me.  They’re flying down the street and their heel gets stuck in some grill or other type of hole on the sidewalk.  I love it when that happens.  Every single time I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing such a thing, it’s some woman wearing heels and she’s on a mission flying down the street with some serious momentum.  Now that’s normal, after all, have you ever seen someone in heels just sauntering down the street?  No, you don’t put on heels to simply saunter.  With heels you need to maintain a certain pace otherwise the whole look goes right out the window!  So imagine the scene…there’s some woman flying down the sidewalk on a mission when, oops, her shoe gets stuck in a metro grill or a manhole cover.  With the momentum she’s got going, she takes a good three steps, up and down since she’s now got one leg five inches higher than the other, before she stops in her tracks.  She noticed right away that she’d lost her shoe but it took her three good steps to come to a full stop.  Now does she look back at her lost sole, simply decide to abandon her shoe and carry on?  No!  Instead she hobbles six steps back because without the other shoe she can’t fly at the same clip, bends over and gets her shoe.

I’ve seen women lose their shoes on a number of occasions and it’s just as amusing every single time.  I have yet to see a man lose a shoe in mid stride, yet, I’ve seen many abandoned male shoes on the streets like this old sole I shot while walking through an upscale neighbourhood in Boston.  I’m sure you all have too, and have you ever noticed that despite our sometimes difficult weather conditions, you never come across an abandoned boot?  It seems to be only shoes which adds to the mystery.  It leads me to believe that this would be because a boot doesn’t come off one’s limb quite as easily.  But it still doesn’t explain how people don’t notice that they now only have one shoe on.  Now, if someone could solve this one for me once and for all, I could clear up some much needed head space to dedicate to other things…  I do have other things to think about, really, I do!




  1. Love love love this story. It made me smile and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see if someone will have an answer for you because just like you, this is something that has baffled me for years. I just don’t get it!!
    Thanks Kharim for making me laugh this morning! :)

    • You’re welcome Sonya! And thank you for reading and laughing!! :)

  2. Wow this is a good one. As far as a man’s shoe on the sidewalk, I have a story for that one. Some independent women just did not like the way things were going and tossed all his thing out the window into the street in order to prove the point that she really did want him to leave (not that I would ever do that). We have all seen it in the movies! In his embarrassment to pick up his things as quickly as possible and flee the ugly scene one shoe gets left behind. In that situation, who in their right mind would go back for it?

    As for the women’s shoe……….not sure……….maybe alcohol is involved and again……….who would go back looking for it in the morning.

    I love the story and the photo even more.

    • LOVE your story for the man’s shoe on the sidewalk Sue!!! Thank you so much for sharing this…at last I have part of the mystery solved…and it made me laugh too! :)

      And thank you for your thoughts on the photo and the story. Always love hearing from you Sue!


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