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Don’t let life drive you crazy…

I was quietly sitting at my computer being thoroughly amused watching videos of myself giving workshops.  I had no idea just how much I gesticulate while I talk and from what I’ve seen so far, I seem to flail my arms about even more wildly when I’m attempting to make a point.  Furthermore, I noticed that I crack myself up endlessly and my entire body gets involved in pretty much everything I’m saying.  It’s really quite revealing to watch oneself on tape.  “Oh my god!”, I was thinking, “How can people listen to me without getting completely dizzy???”.  And, do you know just how long my fingers are?  For some reason I fling my fingers around and both my index fingers just shoot right out of my hand like some sort of Edward Scissorhands extensions.  What a show! 

So while I was fascinating myself with my antics, gesticulations, peculiar sense of humour and extravagant mannerisms, an email pops into my inbox.  It’s from my sister and the subject heading reads “thought you might like this…”.  Contrary to me, my sister is a woman of few words.  She can powerfully say in four words what I will draw out into several sentences with 42 analogies thrown in.  Inside the mail, she says, “Ha ha, she reminds me of you.”, and she includes a link.  My first thought is, “Who on earth could POSSIBLY be anything like me?!!!”.  Now she has me incredibly curious.  I immediately decide to put my lovefest with myself on hold so I can go see what my sister thinks is somehow some likeness of me…

I click on the link and the video starts.  The first thing I think is, “Holy shit, thank god this video is not in 3D!!!!”.  I’m not even five seconds into the video when this woman, the apparent likeness of me, flings her extremely looooooong index finger right out into the audience.  Clearly, now she AND my sister have my attention…

I’ll let you decide for yourself if you agree with my sister’s observation but either way, I wanted to share this video because I love both this woman’s message and her delivery.  She has a very interesting way to make a point with which I entirely agree.  She is Jennifer Lewis, an extremely successful and talented singer and actress, and one of her lines is “The elevator to success is broken…TAKE the stairs!”.  That made me smile.

For the record, and in case my sister reads this, I want to mention that minutes before she sent me this link, while I was enjoying my antics, I had been thinking of sending a clip of myself on video to my sister.  My message to her would have read, “Hahaha, we both move, gesticulate and point our looooong fingers the same way!”.  The difference between my sister and I is that she doesn’t crack herself up nearly as much as I do.  I live to laugh and if nothing out there is making me laugh, not a problem, I have spent a lifetime already making myself laugh and while noone gets what’s so funny, I am happily doubled over at my own little jokes.

Wishing you a great day and hope you enjoy this clip.  Both she, and my sister, made me laugh.  What fun!  Thanks Dominique for sending me this…I thoroughly enjoyed it and my favourite line is…

“Don’t let life drive you crazy…you drive that mother fucker, it’s yours!”




  1. Did you notice she does not hold a fork at the end of her long fingers, as you do while sharing a meal and telling a joke.

    • You know, I hadn’t noticed but now that you mention…it reminds me that yes, it’s rather lethal when I tell a story at the table. Thank you for the amusing reminder Claude! :)

  2. I love it and also agree. Some people put you to sleep when they are talking….no chance of that with you.

    • Hahaha, I suppose I’m not much help to the insomniacs eh? 😉 Glad you enjoyed it Sue and thank you for posting. :)

  3. “Shit I’m done; you all got to pay me!”
    She reminds me of your determination and confidence. You’ve always had the eye of the tiger.

    • Yeah, I loved that line too! Thanks Kevin for reading the article and for your fun comment. I don’t know if I have the eye of the tiger but I have fingers that can knock out an eyeball. :)


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