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Do you have your toes up in the air?

This is a photograph I shot last month. I want to share it here without any story or explanation because I’d like to hear what your first thoughts and/or reactions were on seeing this shot.  Did a thought go through your mind?  A question?  A story?  A feeling?  Anything or nothing at all?  I’d love to hear your reaction(s) please.  Thanks for sharing…

BTW, I’ve posted a black and white version of the front page of the magazine.


  1. First thought …. cool shot …. never would have thought to shoot that, but I like it. Love the colour tones too. Second thought …. ouch! That must hurt if you’ve got arthritis!

  2. My first thought is “that is bizarre? My second is “what is that person doing and why”?

    It is a beautiful shot and it does give you plenty to think about.

  3. Yoga toes :-) I like this shot in color. B/W looks creepy.

    • Helen, I agree with you.. The b&w is creepy. It doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

  4. Interesting combination of warm colour, and uncomfortable position of those toes.

  5. I was curious to see how this would feel… It’s impossible, I can’t get my toes to do that!

    I’m not sure what it is about this shot but I really like it! I guess maybe it’s because it’s such an unusual position… I suppoe that the most common position in such a situation would be to have your feet opened up like a duck.

    It reminds us that we are all unique and have different capabilities…

  6. Cringe… am I going in or not? Just a push of the toes and I’m in. Do I really want to? Better decide soon. It hurts. But then again, some decisions are painful.

  7. Wow, thank you so much for all these great reactions, thoughts, feelings and stories about this shot. It’s fun to read each one of your comments and go back and look at the picture from your perspective!

    I too found it to be an unusual position which is probably why it captured my attention to begin with. And I also tried it for myself. Then I got to wondering if it’s just me that finds it to be unusual and that the reality is that it’s more common than I thought. I don’t usually look at how people’s feet are positioned…but then again, when it appears unusual, I notice. So my conclusion is that we see more than we think we see…

  8. My first reaction to seeing this shot was to say NO!

    It automatically brought my children to mind.

    Feet close up to the counter, toes turning up just before they roll on the ball of their feet to reach what shouldn’t be reached. And just as you see the heels begin to rise.

    NO! (insert varied warning here) ie. “Hot, Hot buddy. Don’t touch.” for one. Or for the other, “I’ve told you, no snacks before supper.”

    • Hi Sean, great to see you here! And I love this first reaction!! I wouldn’t have come up with this one but it’s making me smile as I visualize the scene… Thanks for this! :)


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