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Do you know who “they” are?

What do you do when they rain on your parade?

How many people do you know who often talk about those ones called they?  Sometimes they are also affectionately referred to as them.  Yeah, you know, those ones that put spokes in our wheels, rain on our parades, prevent us from doing this and that…and most commonly, seem to have a say-so in so much of what we do.  They are the ones that make decisions for us, tell us what we can and can’t do, give us all the reasons we shouldn’t do something they have never tried themselves, and are basically our favourite scapegoats.   Aren’t they?

Check out this picture I took.  I’ve decided today that it’s a pretty good portrait of them.  Can you see them clearly?  As usual, they are as vague as when we refer to them and talk about them.  Them who???  Who are they???  Even with the wipers going, I still can’t see them clearly.  But man oh man, they are responsible for all my problems.  After all, it couldn’t be me that creates the problems, could it?

Why do we give them so much control?  What ever happened to we and me and I?  Am I so insignificant?  Can you imagine if I were to take full control and responsibility for my life, make my own decisions (regardless of what they think and say) and nevermind them?  Scary?  Sure, but when the alternative is as clear as what I see out the car window while doing 120 in the pissing rain, why the hell not look back inside and follow my own GPS?

When they rain on your parade, keep driving…  After all, who the hell are they???  Anyone out there know them personally?


  1. Great story! I love it.
    I don’t know them by name or by face but “they” certainly affect my life. Following your own GPS…brave decision. What will “they” say about that?

  2. LOVE the article Kharim!!!! …. I talk to them and I thank them…. “Your wish is your command” 😉

  3. They or them, in my opinion, are the voices in our own head! The chatter that gives us doubt or confidance. They or them is really US… We just like to make ourselves believe that it is them or they!

    True, there are rules and regulations we sometimes must follow but often aren’t we the ones that are putting the spokes in our own wheels based on our own prceptions, beliefs and fears?

  4. Well said Kharim! Funny enough I find that when I squint “into my windshield doing 120 in the pissing rain”, I don’t see them. They are probably sitting in a café chatting with each other without a clue of my existence. No, I do not see them; I see my own reflection scowling back at me. And my GPS is on the fritz:).


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