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Taking it in stride

I took this shot last year and I’d like to hear your thoughts and feelings about it. I’ll tell you this much…actually, I’ve changed my mind. I will say nothing more about this shot for now. I’d like to hear from you what mood and or feelings this shot evokes for you, if any. Thanks so much! I’m off to shoot…back later…


  1. I like the contrast of emotions in this photo. For me, the night is dark and spooky, but the kids look safe and comfortable eating their popsicles or ice cream cones (not sure what it is).

    • Oh yes, I’m smiling!! Thanks Jennifer. This is exactly the type of thoughts I’m looking for. I’ll wait a bit to see if anyone else has anything to say or add before I say more…

  2. Oh!!! Good one Jennifer. I never noticed the darkness in the background… I had to go back and look at it from your perspective.

    For me, my eyes never went further than the children. It really is true that we don’t look at the full picture most of the time.

    This picture makes me want to be a kid again. That feeling of those never ending summers… Where time stood still and all you had to worry about was where your next popsicle was coming from!

    I love this shot for how it makes me feel. The freedom and the innocence and the magical moments that come with being a child!

  3. Live it in the present moment. Now. The unknown is ahead of us… but…. enjoy the journey not a destination… :-)

  4. I agree, the children teach us. I find it fun to watch them and try to see life through their eyes. Sometimes, as we grow older, we forget and then as adults, we wonder what goes through their minds.

    I love to read all your different interpretations and what you all see in this picture. This shot was done on purpose. The girls are sisters (my nieces) with two very different personalities. I found it interesting, as I walked behind them with their Grandmaman who had just bought them popsicles after we went running up the hill chasing the ice cream truck, to see how they so peacefully walked together in silence and both in their respective personalities. Their gaits tell the story.

    Did you notice the face that is in the middle of the youngest’s hair? Look at the enlarged image (click on it) and look at her hair, in the back, there is a face almost 1/2″ high. See it?

  5. OMG!!!

    That’s creepy!

  6. Holly s$&^*!!! When did YOU notice the face? Just recently or a year ago? ….

    • As I was reading through all of your interesting views on the image, I looked back at the picture to see what you are all seeing. It was then that suddenly, this face that I’d never seen popped right out at me. I have an 8×10 print of this picture hanging on my wall. I see it every day and actually look at it every day. After all this time, I see the face which is also on the print, just as clearly.

  7. At first, I saw true happiness in that picture. Just enjoying fully the present moment. But now that you pointed out the face, I find it fascinating!

    To me, that face represents “seeing” the unimaginable, the unexpected, the magic in each human being. We should learn to look more closely next time we meet someone in order to discover their true “face”. That’s the coolest picture, Kharim!

    • I hadn’t noticed the face… but I love the pic as well. I wasn’t there when it was shot (those are my kidlets). I love the sort of lacksidasical (sp? ) strut of my younger one, hips swaying side to side… and the more deliberate steps of my big girl. Both deliberating their respective popsicles and excited to have an auntie that will buy them stuff from the ice cream truck! Definitely a good day!


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